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Northern Lights Hammocks - The Tradition Continues!

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Northern Lights Hammocks -  same as it ever was....well almost!

We're very excited about this 35th season of Northern Lights Hammocks. The colorful historic fishing shack will continue to be the famous, little Hammock Shop that sits right on the beach overlooking Provincetown harbor on the tip of Cape Cod. Nancy & Marty will be there, as usual to guide you as you test out all the comfy hammocks and swings to find the perfect choice for you.

The Big News

T Gandolfo along with Celine founded the hammock shop back in 1981. Here is the news in his own words:

 "The Hammock Shop was born in 1981. It was conceived while Celine and I were sleeping in a Matrimonial Mayan Hammock for a dollar a night in an open thatched hut on the southern Yucatan coast. “we have got to bring these back to P-town to share and sell them in Provincetown". After 15 years, the current managers of at least two decades; Nancy Poucher and Marty Buckosh will be running Northern Lights Hammocks. They will keep the old school friendly retail humanistic approach that everybody loves so much the same. From the original “Mr. Hammock” Jim Zimmerman falling asleep in a hammock while at his post to our newly designed website Northern Lights Hammocks will carry on as the magic big little Hammock Shop that sways gently on Provincetown Harbor at the end to the Johnson St. Parking Lot at 361 C Commercial Street….come visit and test drive a Hammock and experience the fine art of lying in a Hammock"….T Gandolfo


Marty and Nancy are so very grateful to T for the opportunity to carry on the tradition of guiding folks in the art of relaxation. And I'm sure you will find him making a few guest appearances over the summer. We look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces and the new customers that make there way down to the little shack by the water to find a bit of relaxation to take home with them for the summer!